Take Action – Stop cuts to Nebraska’s child welfare system

We’re asking you to Take Action today to stop possible cuts that would weaken the child welfare system.

The Nebraska Legislature’s Appropriations Committee is working on their final budget recommendations and may cut funding for programs that have been important for helping Nebraska’s children find permanency and stability in loving homes.

Please call or email State Senators on the Appropriations Committee and tell them they cannot balance our state budget on the backs of Nebraska’s youngest and most vulnerable people!

Sen. John Stinner: 402-471-2802

Sen. Kate Bolz: 402-471-2734

Sen. Robert Clements: 402-471-2613

Sen. Robert Hilkemann: 402-471-2621

Sen. John Kuehn: 402-471-2732

Sen. Mike McDonnell: 402-471-2710

Sen. Tony Vargas: 402-471-2721

Sen. Dan Watermeier: 402-471-2733

Sen. Anna Wishart: 402-471-2632

The Committee reportedly is considering the Governor’s budget proposal to cut child welfare contracts in half for child welfare agencies that support children being placed with their family members. Keeping kids with familiar relatives when possible is vital to make sure they are in safe, loving homes.

The cuts would increase caseloads for case workers in the Department of Health and Human Services, which already is at an alarmingly high level.

We’ve made progress over the last few years to fix a broken child welfare system, but these cuts would move us backwards. We cannot balance our state’s budget on the backs of our children.

Tell members of the Appropriations Committee to OPPOSE these cuts, which would make children less safe and be hurtful to Nebraska families.

Thank you so much for being a voice for Nebraska children and families.

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