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TAKE ACTION: Support LB233 – When Child Support Laws Support Children, Everyone Wins

Do you believe that child support funds collected by the state should actually be used to support children in Nebraska’s lowest income families?

On Wednesday, April 3rd, we were happy to see 38 members of the Legislature answer that question with a resounding “yes,” by voting to advance LB233 – a bill that would make sure that. Will you join us in thanking those Senators, and asking for their continued support?

In Nebraska, the direct cash assistance program funded by the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Block Grant is known as Aid to Dependent Children (ADC). In order to receive ADC benefits, families are required to cooperate with child support enforcement and “assign,” or turn over their rights to child support payments to the state. This means that rather than the parent and child receiving child support, most of the child support paid on behalf of families receiving cash assistance is kept by the state and shared with the federal government to reimburse TANF payments. The state of Nebraska utilizes this so-called “cost recovery” policy to take child support funds away from children, in spite of an ever-growing TANF rainy day fund with a current balance over $125 million.

LB 233, as amended on General File, would redirect most of the child support funds collected by the state to families receiving ADC benefits ($100 for a household with 1 child, $200 for a household with 2 children or more). This is known as a child support pass through, because the state collects child support funds from a non-custodial parent, then “passes” those funds through to the ADC recipient household where the children live. This bill would also disregard up to $100/$200 of the passed-through child support income when determining the family’s income eligibility for ADC, and when calculating their ADC benefits. 

If passed, this bill will put more money into the hands of Nebraska’s lowest income families with children – helping them make ends meet and provide some of the basic necessities that aren’t covered by other assistance programs, like diapers, transportation costs, clothing, school supplies, and more.

  1. Contact Your Senator! You can see who your senator is and find contact information for all senators here.
    • Ask if they will show their support for the bill by adding their name as a cosponsor, if they have not already. 
    • You can see how your senator voted here. If they voted “yes,” please thank them for their support of LB233. 
    • Please be sure to thank Senator John Cavanaugh for introducing the bill, and Senators Danielle Conrad and Megan Hunt for already adding their names. 
  2. Share your story with us! We need your help to make sure the public, the media, and elected leaders understand the impact that withholding child support payments has on children and families. You can reach me at to share how this bill would impact your family and your community.

Please invite two friends or family members to take action as well. Together we can ensure our laws help families make ends meet! 

Thank you for your continued advocacy!

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