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TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Senator to Oppose LB575

All young Nebraskans deserve to be who they are, and to thrive in school and social environments. 

Today, LB575 (Senator Kathleen Kauth) was voted out of the Nebraska Legislature’s Education Committee. This bill harmfully prohibits schools from allowing trans and gender diverse young people to access restrooms, locker rooms, or activities consistent with their gender identity. 

Tell your senator to OPPOSE LB575 and let trans youth thrive. Trans and gender diverse young people deserve safe and meaningful access to school activities, opportunities, and spaces, authentic to their identity. Nebraska policies and schools should uplift, rather than divide, students. (Find your senator.)

Thank you for making your voice heard! Together, we can make sure that ALL students in our state have the opportunity to thrive and achieve. 

Trans students exist, belong, and are loved.

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