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Speak Out in Support of Legislation to Require Summer EBT in Nebraska!

We believe that all children should have the food they need to thrive and that Nebraska should make use of every tool available to make this happen.

Summer EBT is a program that can do just that! It’s a new, permanent program that would provide 150,000 children participating in free or reduced price school meals with $18 million in grocery buying benefits during the summer months. While Governor Pillen refused to opt into the program for summer 2024, senators have introduced bipartisan legislation to require Nebraska to participate in the future!

  • Come in-person to testify at the hearing on Thursday, February 1:
    • The Nebraska State Capitol, Health and Human Services Committee Room 1510 at 1:30 pm
  • Submit a comment through the virtual legislative comment portal for the bill before 8 am on Feb. 1:
  • Reach out by email or phone to members of the Health and Human Services Committee to share your support directly:

We need to show up for this process like you all did for Appleseed’s Summer EBT petition to the governor! We submitted over 6100 signatures and comments showing the broad statewide support for this issue and we need to do it again!

Thank you for supporting policies that feed hungry children in our state.

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