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TAKE ACTION: Tell the Governor it’s time to help feed Nebraska kids

If you’re like us, you’re confused and saddened by Governor Pillen’s recent decision to NOT participate in the new Summer EBT program for 2024. 

With this decision, our state is missing out on $18 million dollars in grocery buying benefits that would be going to economically disadvantaged children in Nebraska for summer 2024. Read more from the Nebraska Examiner and Lincoln Journal Star.

Tell the Governor, this is NOT okay. Sign our petition to show just how important this issue is to Nebraskans. 

We will deliver signatures and messages from signers before Jan 1, 2024, the last date by which to opt into Summer EBT for Summer 2024.

We want to live in a Nebraska that takes care of hungry children and families – not one that sits back and watches when hunger persists. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and for your continued advocacy.

2 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Tell the Governor it’s time to help feed Nebraska kids”

  1. Nutrition is key to early childhood development! We need healthy kids to ensure a bright future for Nebraska. Our future workforce & economic success is tied to our investment in young people. As a state that is declining in population & workforce, we need to invest in our youth. Summer feeding programs can also be a great source of income for farmers through Farm to School programs.

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