At the Capitol: Several Appleseed Priority Bills Up for Hearings

We’re already four weeks into the 2023 legislative session!

Last week, the Legislature kicked off hearings, and this week we have several Appleseed priorities in front of committees. Your voice is vital to ensuring we are building a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive Nebraska. As a friendly reminder, here are few important updates on how you can weigh in during the next few weeks of hearings:

  • To be included in a bill’s legislative record, you must either testify in-person or submit an online comment prior to the hearing.
  • Online public comments for the record must be submitted by 12:00 PM the day before the hearing via the online comment portal in order to be added to the official public hearing record.
  • We still encourage you to contact your senator any time via email or their office phone number on the issues that matter to you!

Click here to see the legislative priorities that Appleseed is supporting during the 2023 session.

Last week’s highlights

We kicked off last week testifying in front of the Education Committee about LB285 (Senator Lynne Walz), which would ensure that all kids have access to healthy meals by requiring that Nebraska schools or school districts that serve a certain percentage of students in poverty participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) to serve free breakfast and lunch to all students.

We also testified in front of the Executive Board on LB54 (Senator Terrell McKinney), which would require the office of Legislative Research to prepare racial impact statements that explain the expected impact of a legislative proposal on communities of color for all legislative bills covering criminal justice or juvenile justice issues.

This week’s hearings

We’ve already testified at two hearings this week, with several more coming up:


LB57 (Senator Machaela Cavanaugh) – adopts the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (SUPPORT)
We need to invest in the physical and social infrastructure to support the people and businesses of our state. Yesterday, we testified in front of the Business and Labor Committee about how workers would benefit from being able to take paid leave and businesses would benefit by reducing worker replacement cost. Submit an online comment here.

LB15 (Senator Tom Briese) – creates a subminimum wage for youth (OPPOSE)
For everyone to have access to the good life, we must ensure that Nebraska workers are paid a living wage. That’s why the minimum wage increase passed overwhelmingly on the ballot in November. Yesterday, we testified in front of the Business and Labor Committee about honoring the will of Nebraskans and the fact that many young people are working to support their families or save for their education. Submit an online comment here.


LB626 (Senator Joni Albrecht) – bans abortion after 6 weeks (OPPOSE)
Everyone should be able to access the health care they need, in their own communities, when they need it. Join us and our partners in the Capitol Rotunda at 1:00 PM, and in Room 1525 at 1:30 PM, to testify or show your opposition to LB626 – look for the Nebraskans for Abortion Access green shirts! This bill threatens the health and bodily autonomy of Nebraskans by banning abortions at six weeks of pregnancy, a time when many people don’t even know that they are pregnant. Submit an online comment here.

LB535 (Senator Julie Slama) – requires photographic identification to participate in elections (OPPOSE)
We envision a strong democracy that is centered around community power where our elections remain fair and free without barriers to voting. Tomorrow, we’ll testify in front of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee about how voter ID requirements invariably create impediments to voting for communities of color, the elderly, rural voters, student voters, and voters with low incomes who may need to move more frequently. Submit an online comment here.


LB419 (Senator Anna Wishart) – extends Medicaid postpartum coverage (SUPPORT)
Healthy families mean healthy communities, and we know that proper postpartum care improves health outcomes for new parents and newborns. It’s time to make sure Nebraskan parents get the care they need. On Thursday, the Health and Human Services Committee will hear about how this bill would ensure that maternal health is properly covered in Nebraska by extending Medicaid postpartum coverage from 60 days to 12 months. Submit an online comment here or tell your story!

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We’ll let you know how you can take action to get involved and make your voice heard throughout the session!

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