Lawmakers must act to keep the Health Insurance Marketplace affordable for Nebraskans

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a critical source of comprehensive, affordable health care coverage for many Nebraskans. In fact, over 99,000 Nebraskans rely on the Marketplace to access health coverage, and the vast majority of enrolled Nebraskans rely on tax credits to make their coverage more affordable. Health insurance affordability is increasingly important as Nebraskans’ budgets are facing increased everyday costs. Unfortunately, the coverage Nebraskans purchase on the Marketplace may become more expensive if Congress does not act soon.

A federal law passed in 2021 included enhancements to premium tax credits for health insurance purchased on the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Premium tax credits can reduce an enrollee’s monthly payments for insurance plans purchased through the Marketplace. The enhancements made insurance purchased on the Marketplace more affordable for families and individuals in the majority of states. The premium tax credit enhancements are set to expire on January 1, 2023 unless Congress acts to extend them.

Nebraskans could face some of the biggest cost increases in the nation if the enhanced premium tax credits expire.

A recent study showed that Nebraskans will be particularly impacted by health insurance premium spikes. If the enhancements expire, annual Marketplace premium costs are expected to increase by an average of 81% or $1,176 per Nebraskan. As compared to other states, Nebraska will face the 4th highest anticipated spike in costs if Congress does not extend the premium tax credit enhancements.

Before Congress leaves for their month-long August Recess, they will debate the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, in which Congress has the opportunity to extend support for Nebraskans to afford the health coverage they need. Extending the enhanced Marketplace premium tax credits will prevent Nebraskans from facing huge increases in health insurance costs.

Take Action to Keep Health Coverage Affordable:
Now is the time to let your elected officials know that keeping health care affordable is crucial for Nebraskans. Call to share why health insurance affordability is important to you and urge that they extend the enhanced Marketplace premium tax credits by passing the Inflation Reduction Act.

Sen. Ben Sasse: 202-224-4224
Sen. Deb Fischer: 202-224-6551
Rep. Mike Flood: 202-225-4806
Rep. Don Bacon: 202-225-4155
Rep. Adrian Smith: 202-225-6435

Find your Representative

To learn more about these enhancements or to find out ways to get involved, reach out to our Health Care Access Program Staff Attorney, Kelsey Arends, at

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