State of the Union Response: A Brighter, Inclusive Future Ahead

State of the Union Response:

A Brighter, Inclusive Future Ahead


We join President Biden in sharing our solidarity with the people of Ukraine facing uncertainty and forced displacement. Around the world and nation, people fleeing danger and conflict have the right to seek safety and protection, without discrimination. 

\"\"As a nation, we are committed to our shared values around unity, belonging, full inclusion, and human dignity. The President’s State of the Union address recognized the important progress that has been made over the last year in providing communities with increased support against the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. While these unprecedented challenges are ongoing, we celebrate much-needed solutions, including:

  • The passage of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), bringing forward key supports and services for Nebraskans,
  • Reduced childhood poverty with the expanded Child Tax Credit that went to thousands of Nebraska families, and 
  • Increased food benefits and expanded health care coverage.

There is still much more to be done. We cannot ignore the systemic racial inequities rooted in the history and structures of our nation. We cannot ignore the inaction on positive immigration policy, causing unnecessary harm to longtime community members, local Nebraska families, and entire communities across our state and nation. 

Congress must act now on the President’s priorities. 

These priorities include critical supports such as:

  • An extension of the Child Tax Credit to support families struggling as costs increase,
  • Additional rental assistance and safe, affordable housing for our neighbors,
  • Investments in maternal health care and expanded access to health care, and
  • A process for citizenship that would create full inclusion for longtime community members and stability for entire communities. 

Immigrant Nebraskans are an integral part of our communities. Congress has failed to take meaningful action for over 35 years and must push forward for long overdue, positive immigration laws.

A brighter, more inclusive future is ahead. We, at Nebraska Appleseed, look forward to seeing progress advance to turn these priorities into a reality for our communities. Stay connected with us for opportunities to take action.

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