Join us weekly for a conversation on racial equity

As we strive to build more welcoming communities where everyone feels they belong, we recognize that segregation and inequity are barriers to belonging. That is why it is important to educate ourselves about the causes (history) and effects (outcomes) of racism in our communities, and learn how to talk about them with those around us — so that we can break down systemic obstacles and create real inclusion.

Let’s set out on a journey together towards deeper understanding. 

Each week, we will share on social media a word or phrase related to equity and inclusion. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to join and continue the conversation by commenting on the word of the week, sharing the post, and talking about it with your friends and family.

Additional public resources for learning:

We each have a role to play in shaping our communities, state, and country. It starts with having these conversations, creating norms, practices, systems, and structures that promote inclusivity and equity. Reach out to us if you have any ideas on how you keep the conversation going with your friends and family.

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