UN Board of Regents Letter

Advancing Racial Equity Benefits Us All

UN Board of Regents LetterWe know that understanding our country’s racial history is a vital step toward ensuring our state is committed to building strong, inclusive communities for all Nebraskans. Which is why we sent a letter in opposition to resolution Addendum VII-1 to the University of Nebraska Board of Regents.

For years, we have worked closely with community partners and educators across the state to build inclusive communities, where everyone can feel safe, respected, and valued.

We must be proactive about having honest and real conversations about what systemic racism is and its impact on our communities. And although it can be uncomfortable to have these conversations, we know that we must work and learn together to ensure our shared future, purpose, and prosperity.

The Board of Regents will be meeting Friday August 13th  at 9 am CT to vote on the proposed resolution Addendum VII-1.  We all deserve an honest education and conversation about race in this country and we cannot be a welcoming and inclusive community without it.

Local communities across the state are responding positively to opportunities to have conversation and learn about histories and structures of racism with tools like the video series Cracking the Codes. We would love to talk with you if you’re interested in planning a conversation in your community.

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