With a SNAP bill prioritized, we need to hear from you!

I am very excited to share that Sen. McCollister has prioritized the SNAP Cliff Effect bill (LB108)!

This bill would address the SNAP cliff effect, where families of SNAP are put in the tough position of passing up raises or better jobs because they would lose more in food benefits than they would gain in pay. LB108 fixes this problem by increasing the “gross income” eligibility limit and smoothing the step-down on benefits. This allows more Nebraskans to advance in the workplace and keep the food on which their families rely.

Help us pass this bill: 

Have you been impacted by the SNAP cliff effect? See the graphic below to check.


If you’re interested in sharing your story, email me, Megan, at to learn more about LB108 and opportunities to make your voice heard on this important legislation (anonymously if you’d like!). 

Look out for more info in the coming weeks with additional ways to advocate for this bill.

We appreciate your support as we work to pass this meaningful legislation!

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