STATEMENT: Appleseed Stands in Solidarity with the Jewish Community, Urges leaders to end hateful speech that incites hate-fueled violence

***For Immediate Release***
October 29, 2018


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Nebraska Appleseed Stands in Solidarity with the Jewish Community

Leaders must end hateful speech that incites hate-fueled violence


LINCOLN – Monday, Nebraska Appleseed Executive Director Rebecca Gould released the following statement regarding this weekend’s horrific mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. This tragedy is the latest in a series of recent murders of groups of people targeted by hate-filled rhetoric.

“Unspeakable tragedies like the one this weekend in Pittsburgh have become too familiar in our country. Our hearts and compassion are with the loved ones touched by the hate-fueled attack in Pittsburgh and with Jewish communities across the country who again feel the long-lingering shadow of fear of being targeted for cruel, hateful violence.

“It cannot be denied that atrocities like the one committed against the peaceful community in Pittsburgh are growing because of an increase in hateful rhetoric used by the very people charged with leading us to a better future. It is no coincidence that acts of horrific violence have been committed this year against the Jewish community, racial minorities, immigrants and refugees, journalists, and other groups that have been made targets of hate speech in very public settings. Too many of our elected leaders have stood silent and permissive in the face of this hate, allowing it to flourish with deadly consequences for innocent Americans.

“The United States has always been at its best when our leaders have exemplified our highest values of justice, peace, honor, diversity and inclusivity. We charge our leaders to hold themselves and others accountable with the words they use and to denounce in absolute terms violence against our neighbors. They have the power and the duty to inspire peace, hope, and a unified America that holds promise and prosperity for everyone.”

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