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Take Action: Protect Nebraskans from experiencing utility shut-offs

This week, Nebraska state senators will take up a proposal to improve protections against utility shut-offs and they need to hear your support. Each month, an estimated 1 in 20 households in Nebraska have their power shut off due to an inability to pay their utility bills. LB933, introduced by Senator Sue Crawford, would limit fees related to utility shut-offs… Read more →

Nebraska Appleseed’s priorities for the 2020 legislative session

Fighting for justice and opportunity for all at the Nebraska Legislature We are now more than half-way through the 2020 Nebraska legislative session. Senators have chosen their priority bills and several of Nebraska Appleseed’s priorities made the list! You can find the complete list of priority bills here.  The following list of bills is a snapshot of key legislation we’ve… Read more →

Thank you for standing up for Medicaid expansion! What’s next?

You did it. You showed your support for Medicaid expansion. Last Friday, we kicked off the day listening to inspirational health care advocates at our press conference. Then, we filled the room for the Legislature’s Medicaid expansion hearing at the Capitol! Thank you for standing up for Medicaid expansion. But the fight is not over yet. You voted to expand… Read more →

RELEASE: Nebraska health care advocates call for implementation of Medicaid expansion

***For Immediate Release*** Friday, September 20, 2019 Contact: Magdalena Cazarez Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402) 438-8853 Ext 119 Cell: (402) 504-0074 mcazarez@neappleseed.org   Nebraska health care advocates call for implementation of Medicaid expansion Stand For Expansion. Do Not Waiver.   LINCOLN — Today, Nebraska health care advocates, including medical professionals, voiced resounding support for implementation of Medicaid expansion and… Read more →

2019 Legislative Session concludes with small victories for Nebraskans

Last Friday, the 2019 Nebraska Legislature adjourned sine die until January. Small victories for children and families and low-income community members were made during this legislative session. However, there is still more work to be done and Appleseed continues engaging with state policymakers on a variety of issues impacting Nebraskans throughout the interim. Below are some of the highlights from… Read more →

Medicaid expansion: Acting with urgency for Nebraskans’ health

As you know, Nebraska voters approved Initiative 427 this past November to expand Medicaid to 90,000 Nebraskans. Finally, many of our hard-working, uninsured friends and neighbors will be able to get the health coverage that everyone needs. Moving forward with Medicaid expansion We know there are still many questions about next steps for expanding Medicaid and how our leaders will… Read more →

Removing Barriers to Driving for Youth in Foster Care

Yesterday the Judiciary Committee of the Nebraska Legislature heard testimony on a bill that would remove barriers that stand in the way of young people in foster care learning to drive and getting their driver’s license. Learning how to drive and obtaining a driver’s license are not only exciting achievements but also necessities for young people as the pursue their… Read more →

RELEASE – Nebraska organizations applaud passage of predatory lending reform bill

***For Immediate Release*** April 18, 2018   Contact, Jeff Sheldon Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed Mobile: (402) 840-7289 Email: jsheldon@neappleseed.org   Nebraska organizations applaud passage of Predatory Lending Reform bill  Law will be small step forward to curb abusive lending, but future reforms are also needed   LINCOLN — Today Nebraska organizations applaud the Final Reading passage of payday lending reform… Read more →

STATEMENT – Passing Child Welfare Reform bill LB 1078 is important step to curb abuse within foster care system

***For Immediate Release*** March 29, 2018   Contact, Jeff Sheldon Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed Mobile: (402) 840-7289 Email: jsheldon@neappleseed.org   Appleseed Statement on passage of Child Welfare Reform bill LB 1078 Bill takes important steps to curb abuse within foster care system and protect youth   LINCOLN — Thursday, Nebraska Appleseed Child Welfare Director Sarah Helvey released the following statement… Read more →

State Senators introduce Nebraska child welfare reform package

Earlier this month we shared a blog about the state of child welfare in Nebraska when reports were released calling for reform after the investigations of the death, serious injury and sexual assault of children in foster care. Nebraska State Senators have continued to take a stand and call for reforms through the introduction of a number of important bills… Read more →


Appleseed responds to 2018 State of the State address

***For Immediate Release*** January 10, 2018   Contact, Jeff Sheldon Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402) 438-8853 Mobile: (402) 840-7289 Email: jsheldon@neappleseed.org   Appleseed Executive Director Rebecca Gould responds to State of the State address Further revenue cuts will worsen budget shortfall, focus must be on investing in healthy communities and educated workforce   LINCOLN — Wednesday, Nebraska Appleseed Executive… Read more →

Appleseed In Action – June 2017 – Protect quality health coverage

News and Events from Nebraska Appleseed – June 2017   In this June edition of “Appleseed in Action”: Protect quality health coverage 2017 Nebraska Legislative Recap President’s budget harmful to Nebraska families Court victory for Nebraska foster youth June events at Urban Abbey Job Opening – Staff Attorney Tell our Senators to protect quality health coverage The numbers were as… Read more →

Take Action

Take Action – Governor vetoes put kids and families in danger

Nebraska is a state that has learned hard lessons about what can happen to children and families when their needs go unmet. Yet, the Governor keeps making choices that cause further harm to our most-vulnerable Nebraskans. Today, Governor Ricketts issued several line-item vetoes to the state budget (LB 327) that will cause long-lasting harm to the safety of children in… Read more →

STATEMENT: Legislature shows strong support for immigrant and refugee Nebraskans

***For Immediate Release*** May 15, 2017   Contact, Jeff Sheldon Nebraska Appleseed Communications Director Office: (402) 438-8853 Mobile: (402) 840-7289 Email: jsheldon@neappleseed.org   Legislature adopts resolutions supporting DREAMers and refugees Lawmakers recognize valuable contributions immigrants and refugees make to Nebraska   LINCOLN — Today, the Legislature voted to adopt Legislative Resolutions 26 and 27. LR 26 stated the Legislature’s support for… Read more →

Take Action – Support strong, united communities!

For generations, immigrants and refugee Nebraskans have made valuable contributions to our state – and are an important part of strong communities, local businesses, and Nebraska families. But recent harmful and divisive policies in Washington, D.C. have created fear and uncertainty in many local communities. We have a chance now to show Nebraskans stand with immigrant and refugee neighbors. Early… Read more →

Take Action – Override veto of LB 75 and stand for voting rights

There’s one more hurdle to overcome to protect voting rights for thousands of Nebraskans. Thursday afternoon, Governor Ricketts vetoed LB 75, a bill that would end the arbitrary two-year waiting period for someone to vote after they complete a prison sentence or probation. Will you call or email your State Senator today? Urge them to vote to override the veto… Read more →


Legislative Update – April 24, 2017

It’s the week of budget debate. State Senators will begin debate on the Appropriations Committee’s recommended budget on Tuesday, and we’re urging the protection of important programs that help kids and hard-working families. No vote after debate on dangerous tax bill Friday morning, the Legislature spent three hours debating LB 461 but adjourned without taking a vote. This bill would… Read more →

Take Action – We can’t cripple Nebraska’s future

With a state budget shortfall of more than $1 billion, we have to look for every solution to protect Nebraska’s important public investments that make life better for everyone. Things like good schools, safe roads and highways, and programs that help hard-working families get ahead. But a dangerous tax plan will be up for debate on Friday in the Legislature… Read more →


Legislative Update – April 17, 2017

This is a huge week for bills that have long-term impacts on Nebraska’s ability to fund important investments. We’re asking you to take action to protect investments in education, child welfare, and other big priorities for hard-working Nebraska families. Protect investments in the Good Life Friday, the Legislature is expected to debate a dangerous plan that gives a large tax… Read more →

RELEASE – Governor’s cuts would lead to more deaths in child welfare system

For Immediate Release                           April 11, 2017   Contact, Jeff Sheldon Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed (402) 438-8853 (office) (402) 840-7289 (cell) jsheldon@neappleseed.org   Governor’s proposed cuts would lead to more deaths in child welfare system High caseloads and lack of family support will put even more kids’ lives at risk   LINCOLN — Advocating for reform in the child welfare… Read more →


Legislative Update – April 10

There’s no easing into this week as two measures we’re focusing on are up for debate right away on Monday. Restoring the right to vote LB 75 – Introduced by Sen. Justin Wayne, this bill would end the two-year delay before Nebraskans are able to vote after completing their felony sentence or probation. The bill is on the agenda for… Read more →

Take Action – Stop cuts to Nebraska’s child welfare system

We’re asking you to Take Action today to stop possible cuts that would weaken the child welfare system. The Nebraska Legislature’s Appropriations Committee is working on their final budget recommendations and may cut funding for programs that have been important for helping Nebraska’s children find permanency and stability in loving homes. Please call or email State Senators on the Appropriations… Read more →

Nebraska Legislature considers child welfare reforms

Last week was a busy week! The Affordable Care Act was maintained by Congress, thanks to the advocacy of people all over the country. Debates also continued in the Nebraska Legislature on voting rights, mandatory minimums, human trafficking and much more. Something we don’t want you to miss, however, was the advancement of a number of important child welfare legislative… Read more →

Take Action – Tell Legislature to advance Medicaid expansion bill LB 441

Last week, you helped do something incredible. Thanks to your phone calls, your emails, and your decision to show up at town halls and support affordable health coverage, Congress has left the Affordable Care Act in place. This means millions of Americans – and thousands of Nebraskans – will be able to keep their health insurance. But we’ve still got… Read more →