Tell Congress to say “NO” to federal foster/adoption discrimination

Every Nebraska child should have a safe and loving family. Our state’s foster and adoptive parents play this essential role every day to make sure children are cared about and provided for.

But right now, Nebraska kids who are in need of these safe, loving homes are being threatened by discrimination that our state has already rejected.

In an alarming development, a committee snuck a license to discriminate against foster and adoptive parents based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and marital status into the House of Representatives’ Health and Human Services (HHS) funding bill.

Call Nebraska’s members of Congress today! Tell them they must oppose the “Aderholt Amendment” that was attached to the HHS appropriations bill and reject legalizing this discrimination that would deny Nebraska kids from being place in loving homes.

Take Action!

U.S. Senators

Sen. Deb Fischer (202) 224-6551     Sen. Ben Sasse (202) 224-4224

U.S. Representatives

Dist. 1 – Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (202) 225-4806        Dist. 2 – Rep. Don Bacon (202) 225-4155

Dist. 3 – Rep. Adrian Smith (202) 225-6435

Click here to find your U.S. Representative


Nebraska has already seen how rejecting this kind of discrimination allows more children to be welcomed into the safe, loving homes that every child should have.

In 2017, the Nebraska Supreme Court struck down a ban on same-sex couples becoming foster parents. And in 2016, a license to discriminate bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature drew such an outcry of opposition from concerned Nebraskans that the bill’s sponsor pulled it from consideration.

Now, we need your help to defeat discrimination in Congress.  Tell our Senators and your Congressman NO ADOPTION DISCRIMINATION. They must not include the “Aderholt Amendment” in the HHS appropriations bill.

A license to discriminate will force our kids to pay the price.

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