State Senators introduce Nebraska child welfare reform package

State Sen. Kate Bolz (center) is one of several State Senators to introduce bills this session to reform Nebraska’s child welfare system.

Earlier this month we shared a blog about the state of child welfare in Nebraska when reports were released calling for reform after the investigations of the death, serious injury and sexual assault of children in foster care.

Nebraska State Senators have continued to take a stand and call for reforms through the introduction of a number of important bills this Legislative session in response to the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare’s reports.

These bills include:

  • LB 1041 (Sen. Anna Wishart) requires training on sexual abuse for foster parents to be a part of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) licensure process. This training would include the risks of sexual abuse and how to recognize and respond.
  • LB 1044 (Sen. Bob Krist) would ensure that youth and families receive supportive services when allegations of abuse or neglect are made.
  • LB 1046 (Sen. Kate Bolz) instructs the Governor to declare a “caseload ratio emergency” if DHHS is out of compliance with caseload standards, which are determined by state law, for two consecutive calendar quarters. After 90 days of this emergency being declared, DHHS must take corrective actions.
  • LB 1078 (Sen. Sue Crawford) requires reporting and documenting of sexual abuse allegations that occur with youth in foster care, on probation, those in detention facilities or other residential agencies.
  • LR 288 (Sen. Kate Bolz) would create an oversight body, the “Child Welfare Death and Abuse Special Oversight Committee of the Legislature.”

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