ACA helps Nebraska man get health insurance despite preexisting condition

Note: We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of Nebraskans who wanted to tell us how the health insurance protections of the Affordable Care Act have improved their lives. This is one of those stories.

Matt Mason

Matt Mason

Matt Mason is one of the thousands of Nebraskans whose ability to get health insurance is in danger if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act without a replacement that maintains the quality and availability of health insurance we have now.

He shared his story with us about the difficulty of getting affordable insurance because he has a pre-existing condition.

I depend on the ACA (ObamaCare).

As a Type I diabetic, I struggled for years with health insurance costs and monthly prescription costs. Before the ACA, I had an expensive insurance policy for myself with a $10,000 deductible, and then we needed a 2nd policy for the rest of my family.

But from the start of the ACA, I have had good health insurance for me and for my family. It has truly made a difference.

Take Action!

Call the local offices of Nebraska’s U.S. Senators today and tell them you’re disappointed in their votes to start repealing the ACA with no immediate replacement plan in place that offers the same level of coverage and consumer protections. Tell them they should not repeal and delay.

Sen. Deb Fischer (402) 441-4600          Sen. Ben Sasse (402) 476-1400

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