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At the Capitol: Abortion Ban Amendment Introduced to LB574

There are just 15 days left in the 2023 session!

Last week, senators began debate on the mainline budget and appropriations issues which lasted throughout the week. By the end of the week, all the bills dealing with the budget advanced and will come up for their second round of debate soon.

Abortion Ban Amendment Introduced to LB574

Less than two weeks after the 6-week abortion ban failed, Senator Ben Hansen introduced an amendment to LB574 (Senator Kathleen Kauth) that would include another attempt at an abortion ban.

This is a last-ditch attempt to take away Nebraskans’ rights. Attempting to add a new abortion ban onto LB574 goes against the Legislature’s institutional norms and prevents Nebraskans from weighing in on a new version of a bill during a committee hearing.

We are opposed to any bill banning gender affirming care AND any added amendments to try to ban abortion access again. Any version of this bill is a continued attack on our ability to access life-saving health care.

Take Action:

  1. Contact your senator and tell them to OPPOSE LB574. No bill can legislate for every medical situation. Senators are not medical professionals. Any law that restricts a medical professional’s ability to provide safe and medically-backed care undermines our entire health care system.
  1. Get ready to show up at the legislature as early as this week to show senators that we’re watching how they vote.

Other Bills We’re Watching

LB227: Health and Human Services Package

We are still waiting to hear when LB227 (Senator Ben Hansen) will be placed on final reading. LB227, a package of health and human service-related needs, includes LB84 (Senator Jen Day), the SNAP cliff effect bill, and LB35 (Senator Wendy DeBoer), which extends the child care subsidy eligibility increase.

LB14: Bridge to Independence Expansion Bill

We are also waiting to hear if LB14 (Senator George Dungan), which would include youth with juvenile probation experience in the Bridge to Independence (B2I) program, will be placed on the agenda this session. The bill was advanced unanimously from the Judiciary Committee.

Voter ID Legislation

Last November, voters approved Initiative 432, which changed our state constitution to require a photo ID to vote. This constitutional amendment, however, left it up to the Legislature to pass a bill to determine how exactly that requirement should work. Senators are reportedly close to an agreement and voter ID legislation is expected to be up for debate as early as next week.

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