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Mid-Session Update: 2023 Nebraska Appleseed Legislative Priorities

In January, we shared our 2023 legislative priorities. Now that hearings are done, and senator and committee priorities bills have been decided, here’s an update on what we’ll be fighting for – and against – for the next 40 days of session.

Supporting young people navigating the child welfare system

  • LB14 (Senator George Dungan) – SUPPORTEnsures that youth with juvenile probation experience have access to Nebraska’s Bridge to Independence (B2I) program to support their transition into adulthood. Senator Dungan priority bill.

Expanding food and nutrition access

  • LB84 (Senator Jen Day) – SUPPORTEnsures families have access to food by eliminating the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)’s upcoming eligibility provision sunset. Senator Day priority bill.
  • LB285 (Senator Lynne Walz) – SUPPORTMakes sure our kids have access to healthy meals by requiring that Nebraska schools or districts who have 50% or more ‘identified students’ participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) to serve free breakfast and lunch to all students. Voted out of the Health & Human Services committee, on General File (first stage of debate).

Supporting families navigating the rising cost of living

  • LB35 (Senator Wendy DeBoer) – SUPPORTHelps parents afford the child care they need by extending the sunset date on Nebraska’s current child care subsidy eligibility increase. Senator DeBoer priority bill.
  • LB294 (Senator Danielle Conrad) – SUPPORTHelps families fight the cost of living by adopting the Child Tax Credit Act (CTC), which would create a fully refundable tax credit of $1,000 per child under age 18 for Nebraska taxpayers in low-income households. Senator Conrad priority bill.
  • LB327 (Senator Jane Raybould) – OPPOSENearly 60% of Nebraskans passed a ballot initiative to increase the minimum wage to $15 and create annual cost of living adjustments. LB327 would undermine Nebraskans’ vote by severely weakening the automatic cost of living adjustments, and creating a subminimum wage for young Nebraska workers. Senator Raybould priority bill.

Ensuring equitable access to healthcare

  • LB419 (Senator Anna Wishart) – SUPPORTEnsures that maternal health is properly covered in Nebraska by extending Medicaid postpartum coverage from 60 days to 12 months. Unanimously voted out of the Health & Human Services committee, on General File (first stage of debate).
  • LB574 (Senator Kathleen Kauth) – OPPOSEBans gender affirming care for youth. Gender affirming care is safe, medically-backed, life-saving health care, and restricting access to care impacts the health care access of all Nebraskans. Senator Kauth priority bill. On select file (second stage of debate).
  • LB626 (Senator Joni Albrecht) – OPPOSEThreatens the health and bodily autonomy of Nebraskans by banning abortions at six weeks of pregnancy, a time when many people don’t even know that they are pregnant. Everyone should be able to access the health care they need, in their own communities, when they need it. Senator Albrecht priority bill.

Safeguarding worker protections

  • LB191 (Senator Steve Halloran) – OPPOSEWould have the effect of preventing injured Nebraskans from getting an attorney in a workers compensation case because it makes the First Reports of Injuries confidential. Business & Labor committee priority bill.
    • Note: We’ll keep this post updated as this bill may change.

Minimizing the harmful impact of Voter ID requirements

  • LB535 (Senator Julie Slama) – OPPOSEEstablishes Voter ID requirements that would create substantial obstacles to voting for communities of color, the elderly, rural voters, student voters, and voters with low incomes who may need to move more frequently. Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs priority bill.
    • Note: We’ll keep this post updated as this bill may change through committee amendments.

Protecting our students from baseless attacks

  • LB575 (Senator Kathleen Kauth) – OPPOSEAttacks young trans Nebraskans. Research consistently demonstrates that trans youth are not the cause of harm in schools, and are actually the ones overwhelmingly unsafe in schools. A bill like LB575 would protect no one and only unfairly attack more of our young people. Senator Clements priority bill.

Take action

Each legislative session presents an opportunity to bring long-lasting, positive change for our communities. Your voice is important to build a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive Nebraska.

Here’s how you can get involved and take action during the rest of this legislative session:

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