SNAP Emergency Allotments should not be considered with Overpayments

Federal law requires states to pursue SNAP overpayments, regardless of whether that overpayment resulted from household or agency error. (see our blog for more details). However, due to the pandemic, benefits provided through SNAP Emergency Allotments are generally not subject to the same overpayment collection rules as standard SNAP assistance. Appealing the overpayment and requesting a reduction of the overpayment amount can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in repayments for some Nebraskans.

If you were recently notified of an overpayment, particularly if it was from benefits paid out during the months Nebraska distributed Emergency Allotments (see below), you should follow the instructions laid out in your notification letter and consider initiating an appeal. Even if you have missed the timeframe to appeal, or if you lost your appeal, you may still be able to request a reduction in the overpayment amount.

You should have received a document with the heading: “DEMAND LETTER FOR SNAP (FOOD STAMPS) OVERPAYMENT”. Page 4 of that document should include the following language explaining how to request a reduction in your overpayment amount:

Request to reduce overpayment
Nebraska SNAP Emergency ALlotment Distribution Months

When describing the reason for your appeal (or request for overpayment amount reduction), be sure to mention the dates you received SNAP benefits. 

Overpayments can be a huge challenge for Nebraskans, especially because many people are still feeling the economic effects of the pandemic. We hope this information can relieve at least some of the burden if a SNAP overpayment happens to your household.

The information provided in this brochure is not legal advice. All content is for general informational purposes only.

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