Nebraska has the chance to invest in people now

\"Unicameral\"Last Thursday during his State of the State address, the Governor noted the hard work and selflessness that Nebraskans have shown throughout the last two years of this global pandemic. Nebraska workers, however, have consistently lacked the support needed to get ahead, particularly those deemed essential workers on the front lines of providing services in our communities.

We are at an unprecedented moment with an opportunity to put over one billion American Rescue Plan Act dollars to work in our communities to solve pressing problems and support Nebraskans hit hardest by the pandemic. It’s time to invest in Nebraskans, invest in communities. Read our full response on our blog.

Last week’s highlights

Last week, Senators introduced legislation that will provide better support to children and families across our state. Bill introduction will continue through this Thursday.

  • LB952, introduced by Senator John Cavanaugh, provides Medicaid enrollment assistance to Nebraskans before their release date from correctional facilities – an essential move toward a safe and successful reentry to society. This bill has been scheduled for a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, January 26th at 1:30 pm CT
  • LB929, introduced by Senator Anna Wishart, allows mothers on Medicaid to receive postpartum coverage for twelve months. 
  • LB1000, introduced by Senator Ben Hansen, updates Nebraska’s broad definition of neglect in our child welfare system. We believe reasonable childhood independence activities should not be considered neglect.
  • LB1028, introduced by Senator Megan Hunt, strengthens wage protections for tipped workers in Nebraska.

In addition to ongoing bill introduction, hearings officially begin this week. We’re preparing for fast and furious afternoon hearing schedules coming up over the next month while senators continue to meet for floor debate in the mornings. Stay tuned for further updates!

Redistricting Update

The Nebraska Legislature announced the final adopted maps, which means your state senator might have changed. Find your senator here.

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