Welcoming Week

What’s happening for Welcoming Week in your community?

Welcoming WeekWelcoming Week is a chance for neighbors from all backgrounds to come together, get to know one another, and celebrate what unites us as a community.

Welcoming Week is here!

Events happening near you from September 10th-19th

The theme for Welcoming Week this year is “Belonging Begins With Us.” Whether it’s starting a new job, changing schools or neighborhoods, we’ve all had moments where we felt like we didn’t belong. And for people who moved to this country, this experience can last more than a moment. Yet, because we all know how it feels to be excluded, we also know how to make others feel they belong. When that happens, communities can fully harness the strengths, talents, and contributions of each person to build shared prosperity.

  • Find local events NEAR YOU! Attend a local parade or festival, enjoy cultural performances, music and food, visit a farm stand, hear and share stories from immigrants in your hometown, and more!
  • Watch the recording of Welcoming America’s kick-off event! Hosted by Iranian actor/comedian Peter Banifaz, hear stories and messages from the Welcoming Network, and performances by Jackie Cox, Cary Morin, the Oakland Interfaith Youth Choir, El Corazon de Mexico, and more!
  • Engage on social media! Share your photos experiences with welcoming on social media using the hashtag #WelcomingWeek. Use Facebook Profile Filters and Instagram Stickers  to join in the fun search “Welcoming America” in Facebook Profile Image editor and “Welcoming Week” in Instagram Stories.
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