Take Action for Fair Maps! Redistricting has begun!

Fair, nonpartisan, voting district maps are essential to our democracy. Public participation and transparency are an important part of holding elected officials accountable and ensuring our maps facilitate equal representation, by accounting for changes in census data.

This is important: The final Congressional and Nebraska Legislature maps will affect how we are represented for the next 10 years!

  • The next two weeks are critical. Senators will be discussing and voting on the maps. Visit the Redistricting Committee website to view proposed maps, see updates, and to leave a comment.
  • Attend a public hearing (or email a letter by noon the day before):
    • September 14th at 1:30 pm CT (Grand Island)
    • September 15th at 9:00 am CT (Lincoln)
    • September 16th at 10:00 am CT (Omaha) 
  • Contact your State Senator to let them know that fair redistricting is important to you and ask how your senator will know what is going on in your community with the new proposed maps. Don’t delay! Contact your Nebraska state senator today!  
    • Debate is scheduled to begin on Friday, September 17th and last for the next week or two.
  • Other helpful information:

Your voice is important to our democracy! Thank you for your continued advocacy.

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