Foster Care Awareness Month – Making your voice heard in court

As Foster Care Awareness Month wraps up, we want to make sure foster parents, caregivers, and young people in foster care are aware of an opportunity in Nebraska to make your voice heard in court.

For foster parents

For young person in foster care


Are you a foster parent or caregiver to a young person in foster care? The Caregiver Information Form allows you the opportunity to make your voice heard in the young person’s foster care case at review and permanency hearings.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when submitting the Caregiver Information Form:

    • Only include information based on your first-hand knowledge
    • Focus on the strengths of the young person and their family
    • You don’t have to complete every section of the form
    • You can include a photo of the child in the form
    • You must submit the form to the Clerk of the Court two weeks before the court hearing
    • Remember: You are welcome to attend the court hearing in person

For questions on this form or your role as a foster parent or caregiver, reach out to the Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (NFAPA) clicking here or at (877) 257-0176.


Are you a young person in foster care? While you can always request to attend your court hearings, you can also share information and updates with your judge by completing the Youth Court Form/Questionnaire.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when on completing this Youth Court Form:

  • You should ask the judge for what you need
  • You don’t have to answer every question
  • To submit the form, you can bring it with you to court, give it to your Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) or Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) worker, or mail it to your Clerk of the Court by time of your court hearing
  • Remember: You can always ask to attend your own court hearing

For questions about this form, you can reach out to Nebraska Appleseed at 402-438-8853.


Appleseed wants to thank all of the foster parents and family caregivers who play an essential role in Nebraska’s foster care system. If you aren’t a foster parent, but would like to learn more or become one – you can contact the Nebraska Foster and Adoption Association.

While we’re at the end of Foster Care Awareness Month, we encourage everyone to stay invested in their community to support families and young people involved in foster care and to advocate for strengthening our child welfare system.

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