Legislature denies health care access to 54,000 Nebraskans

NE_Appleseed_Icons_StateCapital-128Today’s failure to pass the Wellness in Nebraska Act hurts 54,000 of our hard-working families, neighbors, and friends, who now must continue to live and suffer without proper access to health care by having no options for affordable insurance,” Gould said.  “This decision also hurts our state, by missing the opportunity to make real and positive improvements in our broader health care system and failing to bring billions of tax dollars back home.

While today’s result is disappointing, this issue is not going away.  Nebraska is a place where our core values of family, community and opportunity, and practical decisions that make both human and fiscal sense bring us together and drive our decisions.  We thank the majority of senators who recognize how critical this policy is and who fought so hard for it.

Nebraska Appleseed and many others will continue to fight for affordable health care access for all Nebraskans.  We will continue to stand with the tens of thousands of our uninsured family members, friends and neighbors, the health care community, and the courageous senators who showed true leadership on this issue.  We will keep fighting for this critical policy because it is essential for strong families a robust economy and a vibrant future for our state.

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