Call to action

Congress can bring back the expanded Child Tax Credit – tell them to act now!

Remember back in 2021 when everyone in the US with kids got an extra few hundred dollars per month in their bank accounts? And then research showed that the expanded federal Child Tax Credit cut child poverty by 46%? We thought that was pretty great! 

But since the end of the expanded Child Tax Credit, nearly 3.7 million children have fallen back into poverty. Now Congress has the opportunity to pass legislation to bring back the expanded Child Tax Credit to reach more families.

Email your Nebraska members of Congress today and tell them to act quickly to pass the Child Tax Credit expansion so families can receive the benefits this year. 

When you email, let your representatives know how the Child Tax Credit has impacted your family or the difference it could make for Nebraskans.

An expanded Child Tax Credit that puts money into the pockets of Nebraska’s lowest income families with children every month is the best way to give relief from rising costs. We can, again, slash child poverty, reduce food insecurity, and infuse local economies.

Thank you for your ongoing advocacy! 

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