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At the Capitol: Health and Human Services Package + Abortion Ban Up for Debate

It’s Day 67 of the 2023 Legislative Session, and we’re still at the Capitol every day, fighting for a Nebraska in which every person can thrive.

Here’s an update on how you can take action this week:

LB84: SNAP Sunset Bill Unanimously Advanced Out of Committee

Last week, we celebrated that a bill to maintain food assistance for 10,000 Nebraskans is headed to the full Legislature!

LB84, SNAP Benefits Cliff Sunset Elimination, was voted out of the Health and Human Services Committee, 6-0, last Thursday! This bill helps Nebraskans access healthy food by maintaining a 2021 change that addresses the SNAP “cliff effect.” 

The cliff effect happens when SNAP participants lose more resources in SNAP benefits than they gain in income after taking a raise, getting more hours, or something else. If this bill doesn’t pass, SNAP eligibility for about 10,000 Nebraskans will end (or sunset) in September.

TAKE ACTION: Call or email members of the Health and Human Services Committee to thank them for voting YES on LB84!

LB227: Health and Human Services Package Debate Today

Last week, LB227, a bill intended to cover a Medicaid reimbursement gap in Nebraska, was amended and advanced to select file. This bill, now a package of health and human service-related needs, is up for debate today.

LB227 now includes LB35 (Senator Wendy DeBoer), which helps parents afford the child care they need by extending the sunset date on Nebraska’s current child care subsidy eligibility increase. Thousands of Nebraska families rely on the Child Care Subsidy Program, which provides assistance to low-income families by helping to cover the costs of childcare on a sliding scale. The program helps parents have a safe place for their children while they find work, maintain employment, or gain the education and skills needed to get a job. 

TAKE ACTION: Call or email your senator and tell them to SUPPORT LB227.

LB626: Abortion Ban Debate on Thursday

Second round debate on LB626, the near-total abortion ban, has been scheduled for Thursday. 

Elected officials restricting access to health care is detrimental to our entire health care system. Rural Nebraskans, low-income Nebraskans, and people of color will be particularly impacted by sweeping policies that limit a medical professional’s ability to provide life saving care.


  1. Make sure your senator hears from you before the second to last round of votes. Call or email your senator today.
  2. Join us in the Rotunda or the balcony on Thursday. Bring your friends, bring your family, and show senators that we’re watching how they vote.

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