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Time to Tell the Federal Government: It’s Not Working (Housing)

Too many of us know what it’s like to face housing discrimination. To spend hours looking for a place to live, only to be rejected for something out of our control. Eviction records, credit scores, background checks, and fees are all part of what puts housing out of reach for too many Nebraskans. 

We have a housing problem across the state, and Nebraska would be better if that wasn’t the case. 

So what’s happening right now?

Now is our chance to inform actions the federal government will take around tenant screening practices. The Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are collecting input from the public on various issues with the rental housing market. While their process for making changes may take a while, we want to be sure that our communities are heard in it. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your comment will be placed on the public record, so do not include any sensitive or confidential information. Do not include things like Social Security Numbers, birthdays, driver’s licenses or state ID numbers, financial account numbers, etc. 

Examples of what we’ve heard from Nebraskans over the years:

  • My record shows an eviction hearing even though it was resolved
  • No one will accept my Section 8/housing voucher
  • Criminal background checks prevent me from finding housing
  • Screening fees make it hard to even apply
  • I was rejected, and I don’t know why 
  • An incorrect background check is impacting my housing application
  • Landlords use algorithms, and I have no chance to make my case

Nebraskans have said it again and again – we’re in a housing crisis. Whether it’s affordability, accessibility, or safety, we all know how important it is to have a place to come home to.

Taking a moment to add your voice will mean that we’ve done our part to advocate for a better Nebraska.

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