Legislative Update

2023 Nebraska Legislative Session Begins Today!

Welcome to 2023! The Nebraska Legislature officially kicked off this year’s session today, welcoming several new faces to the Unicameral. On today’s agenda is committee leadership elections, followed by new bill introduction starting tomorrow through Day 10. Hearings on newly introduced legislation will begin in a few short weeks.

There are a few important updates to how you can share your voice on legislation that’s important to you:

  • To be included in a bill’s legislative record this year, you must either testify in-person or submit an online comment prior to the hearing.
  • Online public comments for the record must be submitted by 12pm the day before the hearing via the online comment portal in order to be added to the official public hearing record.
  • However, we still encourage you to contact your senator any time via email or their office phone number on the issues that matter to you! (Find your senator.)

Nebraska Appleseed Priorities for 2023

Together with you, we will be advocating for meaningful change to build a stronger, vibrant, and more inclusive Nebraska for all. Senators must act to:

  • Ensure that Nebraskans have access to healthy foods by making increased income eligibility for SNAP benefits permanent.
  • Address the disproportionate effect that our child welfare system has on families of color.
  • Extend important child care subsidy access.
  • Protect Nebraskans’ access to all of the health care we need.

These are just a few of the priorities Appleseed will be working on in 2023. We know this is ambitious, which is why sharing your support and concerns with your state senator will be more important than ever.

Stay up to date on Appleseed’s issues

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We’ll let you know how you can take action to get involved and make your voice heard throughout the session!

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