Fremont Reminds Us: Nebraska IS Home

If home is where the heart is, then Fremont definitely had mine this past weekend. Last Saturday, Fremont community members gathered together to launch “Nebraska Is Home Fremont,” a local campaign to promote unity through conversations, education and community building. More than 50 teachers, pastors, friends, business owners, parents and children stood together under a colorful new billboard depicting families picnicking, to kick off the effort to celebrate shared Nebraska values and reach out to their neighbors.

True, the community of Fremont has had its fair share of challenges this past year as the town has continued to be the focus of a heated legislative debate concerning immigration. But perhaps this means the launch of “Nebraska Is Home Fremont” has come at just the right time. As folks explained why they were a part of this community effort, it was clear that two of the strongest values we share as Nebraskans are friendship and family. While some were excited about new friends they had made just by becoming involved in this campaign, others celebrated decade-long friendships they admitted would be hard to live without. Speakers echoed one another in their hopes for a good future and dedication to doing their part to ensure a strong, united Fremont community.

The group will continue to count “unity” among the newsworthy headlines in Fremont as they work together to plan community meals, living room and church basement conversations, and other opportunities for neighbors to get to know one another. I thank Fremont community members for reminding me what a truly great place Nebraska is to call home.

For more information, please visit the Nebraska Is Home website:

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