Donate to kick-off Give to Lincoln Day!

Give to Lincoln Day starts today! If you’ve been looking for a good time to give to Nebraska Appleseed, now is one of your best opportunities of the year!

Giving through May 30th helps maximize your support of Appleseed in three ways:

  1. Your donation could have an extra $250 added to it as part of a daily drawing sponsored by Allo!
  2. You can help meet a challenge match provided by generous friends of Appleseed. If we reach 350 supporters by the end of Give to Lincoln Day, we’ll unlock a $10,000 bonus!
  3. Your gift increases Appleseed’s share of the Lincoln Community Foundation’s $650,000 proportional match pool. Last year we received an additional $5100 from this fund!

Contribute to Appleseed today through May 30th!

Your gift means we can continue our work fighting the toughest systemic issues facing Nebraskans. Join us in ensuring that every member of our community has the rights, resources, and opportunity to thrive!

Now through May 30 you can give online, offline, or via your IRA or LCF Donor Advised Funds. Learn more about all the ways to give.

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