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Today we have a “guest blogger” Alessia Satterfield, a fantastic University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Intern at Nebraska Appleseed. Take a look to see Nebraska Appleseed from an Intern’s perspective!

When I stepped through the doors of Nebraska Appleseed I had no idea what to expect. I had done my research and had perused the website in order be as knowledgeable as possible. I had no idea what the office would be like. Would there be the ever-stereotypical cubicles? Would I be welcomed into the Appleseed family? All my questions were answered in a matter of minutes. Cubicles were a “no” but an abundance of smiles was a “yes”. The staff at Nebraska Appleseed has been friendly and welcoming since day one. I look forward to coming to work every Monday and Wednesday. I enjoy the projects I work on and honestly have a different outlook on what is going on in the world around me because of the time I have spent at Nebraska Appleseed.

My greatest wealth of new knowledge comes from the work I have done on creating a lesson plan to educate students about the School Breakfast Program. With the help of Kate Bolz, I have developed a school lesson plan for the class of 2015. This lesson plan is educational and informative for sixth grade students. This grade was specifically chosen because President Obama has vowed to end childhood hunger by 2015, so we wanted to focus on the class of such a landmark year. The lesson plan includes a mini lecture, a crossword, representative interactive activities, and a culminating completion of a postcard to be sent to legislatures. In developing this program I have done extensive research that really opened my eyes. I have read the teacher’s report from Share our Strength as well as other materials from FRAC.

I have become so invested in this project that I have ordered a tote bag from Share Our Strength. I bought the tote to support a great cause but also because I hope it will become a source of conversation with people. I want to be able to talk about Share our Strength as well as Appleseed and also, selfishly, my own personal project. I have never really developed a project like this before with such potential for education as well as possible impact so I feel as if I am just a little giddy about it. I just cannot help but have this overwhelming feeling that it will be used for good. I have developed a better understanding about how important school meals are for children. Unfortunately for some it is the only time during the entire day they will eat. If this is the only food some children it needs to be nutritious and it needs to continue!

My growth in awareness for some of close friends and family might be somewhat annoying, only because school nutrition is something that I like to share with anyone who I talk with. I am grateful for my time at Appleseed because it has given me the opportunity to become more informed about such a vital part of the education system that needs to continued attention.

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