Make Your Voice Heard on the Budget

The impending budget shortfall in the state will force Nebraskans to make some very tough and clear decisions about our priorities. Senator Nordquist and members of the Appropriations Committee have created a new way for you to express your priorities to them as they work on these difficult budget cuts. They want to hear from you. Please go to to access a simple form that allows you to identify your budget priorities. The message is then sent to the Appropriations committee and the Governor.

Appleseed believes that we must make smart choices that protect families during this economic downturn and provide opportunities for families to get on their feet. We have put together a short piece on our positions.

We would like to see the Legislature:

  • Assure that federal dollars continue to flow into Nebraska’s economy by maintaining programs that have significant federal funding.
  • Maintain our commitment to our children’s health
  • Ensure that the recovery begins with Nebraska families
  • Delay implementation of unnecessary and expensive programs like LB 403 and ACCESS NE
  • Re-evaluate state spending on non-human service areas and examine non-income tax credits and programs that do not benefit the hard working Nebraskans that are struggling in this economy.
  • Consider using some of the Cash Reserv
  • Consider some simple revenue generating ideas to support the programs Nebraskans care about most.

Those are our ideas, and we hope they are helpful to you.

Please consider logging on to to share your priorities. The Legislature needs to hear from you!

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