Wage subsidy bill would help put more Nebraskans to work

The great work ethic of Nebraska’s labor force is one of the most important drivers of our economy.  Nebraskans work hard, and our businesses – especially small businesses – count on that hard work for success and economic growth.  At the same time, Nebraska’s working people need new opportunities to earn family supporting wages.

That’s why Nebraska Appleseed testified Thursday at a legislative hearing (LR519) to urge the Legislature to use existing funds to encourage business owners to put more Nebraskans to work.  Read Appleseed attorney James Goddard’s testimony

A wage subsidy program is a win-win for businesses and employees.  Such a program would give businesses time-limited subsidies to bring on more employees to help their businesses grow, while at the same time, providing meaningful work experience and job training to hard-working Nebraskans looking to expand their professional skills.

Funds for this program would come from a “rainy day fund” Nebraska already has set aside for the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) program.

Other states have already started similar programs and seen great success.  When employees are able to get valuable experience and develop their skills, they will more easily find steady jobs and transition off public assistance programs.  Plus, they will help small businesses grow at a reduced cost to the employer.

The hard work of Nebraskans is a resource that strengthens our economy, our families, and our state.  A wage subsidy program is a good idea to give our hard-working people a brighter path to steady jobs and stability for their families.

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