A Law Clerk’s View: Immersed in the Law

Katie Pitts“Immersed in the law
Help Nebraskans help others
Clerk at Appleseed”

When I realized at orientation that we law clerks would be introduced to Appleseed staff by haikus each of them had written describing their jobs and their passions, I realized that my summer clerkship would be one unlike I could have ever expected.  Ever since that first day, my expectations of what I would experience as a clerk have not only been met, but have been exceeded by the incredible staff I was fortunate to work with and the variety of projects I was able to work on.

I have to say I learned many things this summer, including the fact that sometimes the law requires a lawyer to think outside the box. This was a concept I had been taught frequently in law school but never fully appreciated until now.  I also learned that public interest work is definitely not easy, but the rewards that can come from the results are worth all the hard effort it can require. I learned that this kind of work is something I want to do with my life.

Appleseed has given me invaluable insight into how the law can be used to help others and really make a difference in Nebraska as a whole. I was inspired by the projects Appleseed takes on, whether those projects be of a legal nature or more focused on policy changes and issue awareness throughout Nebraska. I was particularly glad that I got to help with different tasks that allowed me to improve my practical lawyering skills but at the same time got me thinking about how law and policy-work can meld together to produce action for change. Overall, I had a great summer experience clerking for Appleseed and appreciate all the opportunities I was given to learn and grow as a law student interested in public interest law.

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