Committee Protects Nebraska’s In-state Tuition Education Policy

State CapitolThe Lincoln Journal Star today reported that the Legislature’s Education Committee voted down a bill that sought to repeal Nebraska’s in-state tuition law. Dozens of educational, community, faith, and legal institutions testified in support of protecting Nebraska’s in-state tuition policy at the committee hearing on February 7. Some of the testifiers included the University of Nebraska, the Post-Secondary Commission, the Nebraska Catholic Conference, the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska, and others. At the hearing, community and educational leaders reviewed the history of a bill that passed with strong bipartisan support and allows Nebraska students who have grown up in the state to continue their education by paying in-state tuition rates and thus continue to contribute their talents to their home-state. Legal testimony emphasized the legality of Nebraska’s law, highlighting that all legal challenges to in-state tuition laws around the country have been dismissed for lack of standing or have failed based on the merits.

Read the story from the Lincoln Journal-Star

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