Take Action: Support Youth in Foster Care

As the pandemic continues to create hardships for many Nebraskans, young people in foster care are especially impacted. Since the passage of the CARES Act in March, young people with foster care experience have been waiting in need of continued support. But Nebraskans cannot wait any longer, so please take action now and reach out to your Representatives.

Take Action: Support Foster Youth and Families

Call your Representatives and ask them to support the Supporting Foster Youth & Families through the Pandemic Act (H.R.7947) and ensure these provisions are included in the next COVID-19 relief legislation. This bi-partisan legislation, informed by the experiences of older youth in foster care, includes these essential provisions: 

  • Provides Chafee funding to continue supporting young people with education, employment, and housing assistance through the extended age of 26
  • Creates a moratorium on aging out of foster care 

You can take action now by calling your Representatives and asking for their support on H.R.7947 and asking your Senators to include the important provisions of this bill in the next COVID-19 relief package.

U.S. Representatives

Dist. 1 – Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (202)225-4806 

Dist. 2 – Rep. Don Bacon (202) 225-4155 

Dist. 3 – Rep. Adrian Smith (202) 225-6435

Click here to find your U.S. Representative

U.S. Senators 

Sen. Deb Fischer (202) 224-6551

Sen. Ben Sasse (202) 224-4224

Sign the Petition: Provide emergency assistance to young people

Another way to take action is by adding your name to a petition from our partners at FosterClub as a part of the #UpChafee campaign calling on Congress to provide emergency assistance to young people through increased Chafee funds and flexibility.

Sign the petition


We need a COVID-19 relief package that is strong enough to get Nebraskans through this crisis

Read our blog for more information on the needed support and urge our Senators to include these priorities, as well.

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