Take Action: Emergency food is still needed across Nebraska

Nebraska was the ONLY state in the country to not extend SNAP emergency benefits for families who need support to buy groceries through the month of August. Every other state has acted to continue these benefits. As Nebraskans continue to feel the economic impacts of COVID-19, why should struggling families here be cut off from the vital assistance every other state has chosen to provide?

Governor Ricketts has begun to characterize the pandemic as over. But for Nebraskans like Linda and her husband, the pandemic’s impact rages on, especially with the loss of these SNAP emergency benefits:

“This program has been a life-saver. We are both disabled with underlying conditions on a low fixed income. With the pandemic, everything has gone up in price. This is a smaller community with less resources. Many of us here are struggling to afford the essentials and keep the bills paid. Please think of all of us.”

We’ve also heard that front line anti-hunger organizations like food pantries and food banks are having trouble keeping up with the need.

It is time for Governor Ricketts to acknowledge that times are not normal for most Nebraskans. It is time for him to make the right choice and continue accepting SNAP emergency benefits that are life-saving for those hit hardest by the pandemic.

Take Action: Governor Ricketts need to hear from you now

Contact Governor Ricketts and tell him that Nebraska’s SNAP emergency benefits, which are 100 percent covered by the federal government, should continue as long as the federal state of emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The pandemic is not over and the state should be using all the tools they can to support Nebraskans in need.


Governor Pete Ricketts (402) 471-2244


During this moment, the health and well-being of individuals must be prioritized by our state administration, even as we start the long road to recovery. Please urge Governor Ricketts to extend these benefits as long as COVID-19 emergency declarations remain in place.

Thank you for your continued advocacy

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