RELEASE: Appleseed Statement on Attorney General’s Call for End of DACA Program

Removing opportunity for hardworking young people only does harm to our state, nation.

LINCOLN – Yesterday, Nebraska’s Attorney General, Doug Peterson, joined nine other state Attorneys General in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The letter threatened to file a lawsuit to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program if the Administration does not end the program within the next several months.

Nebraska Appleseed’s Immigrants and Communities Staff Attorney Omaid Zabih issued this statement in response:

“We are extremely disappointed that the Nebraska Attorney General decided to add Nebraska to this letter. DACA is an extremely successful program that has had a positive impact for Nebraska’s communities, families, and economy,” said Omaid Zabih, Staff Attorney for Nebraska Appleseed’s Immigrants & Communities Program. “It has allowed thousands of smart, talented, and hardworking young Nebraskans to make valuable contributions to their local communities and economies by attending school, going to work, and putting their skills and talents to use in the only place they know as home.”

“Earlier this year, 70 Nebraska organizations and community leaders – including local chambers of commerce school superintendents, city leaders, business, faith, agriculture, and other groups – sent a letter to Nebraska’s Congressional delegation to express their support and appreciation of DACA youth and their families. This extensive and diverse network of supporters worked closely with young immigrant Nebraskans to pass common-sense bills to ensure that DACA youth can obtain driver’s and professional licenses in order to maximize their potential in Nebraska communities.”

“This letter from the attorneys general does not reflect our state’s values nor its widespread support for Nebraska’s vibrant immigrant youth who have deep family, social, and economic ties to our state. Rather than undermining the futures of our young people and our communities, we call on our leaders to support meaningful, bipartisan legislative solutions like the BRIDGE Act currently pending in Congress, that would ensure the continuation of this critical program.”

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