ACA lets Nebraska nurse get cancer treatment, afford coverage for her children

Note: We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of Nebraskans who wanted to tell us how the health insurance protections of the Affordable Care Act have improved their lives. This is one of those stories.

Andrea’s Story

Andrea is a Nebraska nurse who can afford health insurance for three children thanks to the ACA.

I am a nurse and a single parent of three children over the age of 19, but under the age of 26. My children are covered by my employer-based insurance. I don’t know how I could afford to cover them AND pay for their college tuition, gas, food, etc., without the Affordable Care Act.

I am a lifelong Nebraskan. I have 2 degrees from UNMC and have worked over 26 years as a nurse giving to others.

I was diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer this summer. I am very lucky to have employer-based insurance that paid approximately $97,000 out of the total $100,000 I incurred in medical bills. I could not have paid for my treatments on my own, as so many of our fellow Nebraskans have to do.  I would have gone without, and my three children might have been left without their mother.

I have a genetic mutation that puts me at very high risk for cancer. I cannot remedy that risk by not smoking, nor by exercise and diet. I love my parents, but I didn’t ask for this gene. At the time of my diagnosis, I was working 64 hours a week as a single mother of three children. Because of the Affordable Care Act, my screening tests this year and in the coming years are at no cost to me. I am back to work (although working only 1 full-time job). I’m very grateful!!!

I see the uninsured and the negative effects on their health every day. It is a tragedy that we haven’t expanded Medicaid in our state– it’s a way to extend the life-saving treatments I received and basic health care to the poor and uninsured.  Why, I ask, do others not deserve the same access to life-saving treatments?

Take Action!

Call the local offices of Nebraska’s U.S. Senators today and tell them any ACA replacement plan must allow every Nebraskan to have health insurance and keep the protections that allow Nebraskans with preexisting conditions to afford quality coverage.

Sen. Deb Fischer (402) 441-4600          Sen. Ben Sasse (402) 476-1400


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