Dr. Jeannette Jones: Why I support Appleseed

Dr. Jeannette Jones

Growing up, I was taught that when you believe in something, you get off the fence and support it.

After getting to know Nebraska Appleseed as a volunteer, it was clear to me how important the work they do is to my community.

This is why I became a monthly sustaining donor to Nebraska Appleseed – and invite you to become one, too.

I know that Appleseed does the hard and necessary work. They tackle tough issues like immigration, poverty, and access to health care. Giving monthly makes sense to me, because I like knowing that every month, I’m doing my part. I’m not standing aside.

Join me with your monthly donation to Nebraska Appleseed.

If you’re on the fence, I invite you to go see for yourself what Nebraska Appleseed has done in your community. Volunteer, attend an event, or join them at a rally.

I did. And found an organization unlike any other in Nebraska. The work they do can’t be replaced.

You can keep the fight for justice going. Become a monthly donor today.

Together, you and I can make sure Appleseed keeps working for a better Nebraska for years to come.


Dr. Jeannette Jones

Activist, Professor, and sustaining donor to Nebraska Appleseed

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