Take Action – Thank the Legislature for voting to give DREAMers driver’s licenses

LB623 YouDidIt 2Congratulations! You helped make history!

On May 28, the Nebraska Legislature voted to override the Governor’s veto of LB 623!

With an overwhelming vote of 34-10, the Legislature stood strong and reaffirmed their commitment to these talented, hard-working young Nebraskans.

It’s time to say “thank you” to those who supported DREAMers and recognized their contributions to Nebraska.

Please contact these State Senators and thank them for standing behind LB 623, Nebraska DREAMers, and Nebraska communities by voting “Yes” to override the Governor’s veto.

Email Phone Number
Sen. Roy Baker 402-471-2620
Sen. Kate Bolz 402-471-2734
Sen. Kathy Campbell 402-471-2731
Sen. Ernie Chambers 402-471-2612
Sen. Colby Coash 402-471-2632
Sen. Tanya Cook 402-471-2727
Sen. Sue Crawford 402-471-2615
Sen. Al Davis 402-471-2628
Sen. Curt Friesen 402-471-2630
Sen. Tommy Garrett 402-471-2627
Sen. Mike Gloor 402-471-2617
Sen. Ken Haar 402-471-2673
Speaker Galen Hadley 402-471-2726
Sen. Matt Hansen 402-471-2610
Sen. Burke Harr 402-471-2722
Sen. Sara Howard 402-471-2723
Sen. Dan Hughes 402-471-2805
Sen. Jerry Johnson 402-471-2719
Sen. Rick Kolowski 402-471-2327
Sen. Mark Kolterman 402-471-2756
Sen. Bob Krist 402-471-2718
Sen. John Kuehn 402-471-2732
Sen. John McCollister 402-471-2622
Sen. Heath Mello 402-471-2710
Sen. Adam Morfeld 402-471-2720
Sen. Jeremy Nordquist 402-471-2721
Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks 402-471-2633
Sen. Jim Scheer 402-471-2929
Sen. Paul Schumacher 402-471-2715
Sen. Les Seiler 402-471-2712
Sen. Jim Smith 402-471-2730
Sen. John Stinner 402-471-2802
Sen. Kate Sullivan 402-471-2631
Sen. Matt Williams 402-471-2642


Thanks to your calls and emails, Nebraska will become the final state to issue driver’s licenses to DACA youth, young immigrants who grew up in this state and consider Nebraska their home.

A driver’s license will allow them to contribute their talents more fully to their communities by being able to drive to work and school.

Please contact these State Senators and tell them “thank you” for voting “Yes” one more time to support Nebraska DREAMers!

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