Thank Senators who fought for hard-working Nebraska students!

We did it!

LB 599 Defeated

Friday afternoon, the Legislature voted not to pass LB 599, a bill that would have cut the minimum wage for hard-working Nebraska high school workers.

The bill needed 33 votes on Final Reading to become law, but received only 29 votes.

Nebraskans believe all workers should be treated fairly regardless of their age, and this outcome will ensure high school workers cannot have their minimum wage lowered just because of their age.

Please take a moment to thank these senators who voted against the bill and stood up for hard-working young Nebraskans.

Email Phone Number
Sen. Roy Baker 402-471-2620
Sen. Kate Bolz 402-471-2734
Sen. Kathy Campbell 402-471-2731
Sen. Ernie Chambers 402-471-2612
Sen. Tanya Cook 402-471-2727
Sen. Sue Crawford 402-471-2615
Sen. Ken Haar 402-471-2673
Sen. Matt Hansen 402-471-2610
Sen. Burke Harr 402-471-2722
Sen. Robert Hilkemann 402-471-2621
Sen. Sara Howard 402-471-2723
Sen. Rick Kolowski 402-471-2327
Sen. Heath Mello 402-471-2710
Sen. Adam Morfeld 402-471-2720
Sen. Jeremy Nordquist 402-471-2721
Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks 402-471-2633
Sen. Paul Schumacher 402-471-2715


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