Here’s how you can help raise the minimum wage to make hard work pay!

MinWageBlogGraphicIn Nebraska we believe hard work should pay.

We know Nebraskans work hard, but for many families in our state hard work isn’t being valued like it used to — a lot of people are being left behind. You can help us affirm the dignity of a hard day’s work, rebuild the middle class, and help families earn enough to support their basic needs!

Appleseed is part of a statewide effort to gather petition signatures that will let Nebraskans vote this fall on raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour. We’re looking for volunteers to help gather signatures by the first week of July to qualify the petition for the November ballot.

Will you help us reach this goal? Click here to sign up to gather petition signatures.

We’re asking each volunteer to collect at least 20 signatures. That’s just a few people from your office, your church group, or your family and friends. Your support will ensure that the campaign collects the 80,000 signatures needed to put this measure on the November ballot.

Watch this brief video to learn how to properly gain signatures to help this effort.

There are many economic benefits to raising the minimum wage. We have a real chance to improve the economic opportunity for tens of thousands of Nebraskans this year – but we need your help.

Please help us reach this goal. Click here to sign up to gather petition signatures to raise Nebraska’s minimum wage.

You can also contact Rachel Gehringer-Wiar at or 402-438-8853 x118 to learn about volunteer opportunities.

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