Documentary “American Winter” shows strain poverty puts on U.S. families

The true face of poverty and its damaging effects on real American families is on display in the eye-opening documentary “American Winter,” which tells the stories of several families in the Portland, Oregon, area as they deal with job losses, mounting bills, losing their homes, and the toll these challenges can take on a family.

A synopsis from the film’s website:

“Years after the recession began, millions of families are struggling to meet their basic needs, and many formerly middle class families are finding themselves in financial crisis, and needing assistance for the first time in their lives.  Meanwhile, the social safety net that was created to help people in difficult times has been weakened by massive budget cuts, creating a perfect storm of greater need and fewer resources to help families in trouble.

Filmed over the course of one winter in Portland, Oregon, American Winter presents an intimate and emotionally evocative snapshot of the state of our economy as it is playing out in many American families.

The experiences of the families in American Winter are a vivid illustration of what has been happening to families across America, including working families losing their homes, people who remain jobless or underemployed, children going hungry, families getting their heat shut off in the dead of winter, and people with health issues overwhelmed by medical costs.”

Watch the trailer for “American Winter”

Many of these same stories are lived by families every day right here in Nebraska.  This powerful film shows why we must continue to fight against poverty and hopelessness to make our communities and state more secure, enabling that all Nebraskans have a chance for “The Good Life.”

The film currently is being shown on HBO and can be seen via HBO On Demand in the “Documentaries” section.


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