Appleseed joins Rebuild Nebraska to protect The Good Life

A critical debate is underway in Nebraska about our current tax system.  The Legislature created the Nebraska Tax Modernization Committee to examine these issues.  This group, composed of 14 state senators, will hold meetings the rest of the year to decide what, if any, changes need to be made to our state’s tax structure. As part of that process, the Committee will hold regular hearings, and importantly, several public hearings.

ReBuild-logoThe recommendations made by the Tax Modernization Committee will direct the future tax policy in Nebraska and will have a large impact on the future of our state as a whole, affecting the quality of education, roads and infrastructure, access to health care, and more areas that touch each Nebraska family. So this is an issue Nebraska Appleseed is following very closely.

To stay engaged in the discussion about Nebraska’s tax system, Appleseed has joined an effort called “Rebuild Nebraska.”  Rebuild Nebraska is a collection of groups and stakeholders that believes our tax system should be stable, should be progressive, and should ensure that we have adequate revenue to meet the state’s obligations and protect the “Good Life” we have built in Nebraska.

Rebuild Nebraska believes Nebraska’s tax system should:

  • Allow us to invest in things Nebraska families rely on like top-notch neighborhood schools, safe communities, and well-kept streets and roads.
  • Encourage the creation of jobs and focus on investments that actually boost the economy.
  • Ensure a progressive structure that does not force middle-class and low-income families to pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the wealthy.

Your voice will be very important in guiding this discussion, so we want you to stay informed.  Learn more about Rebuild Nebraska, and follow the discussion by clicking “Like” on the Rebuild Nebraska Facebook page.  We also will include updates about the tax policy discussion in our regular communications to you.

Nebraska has a good quality of life, low unemployment, and a relatively strong economy. We look forward to working with and hearing ideas from the Tax Modernization Committee as they do important work to protect this strong tradition in our state.

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