Appleseed Summer Law Clerks and Interns – Meet Makayla Haussler

Makayla Haussler will be a junior at Lincoln Southwest High School this fall.

Makayla Haussler will be a junior at Lincoln Southwest High School this fall.

Note: Each summer, Nebraska Appleseed is fortunate to work with a number of bright, talented law clerks and interns. This is one of a series of posts that feature Appleseed’s clerks and interns discussing their backgrounds and experiences.

Name: Makayla Haussler

Position: Intern

Hometown: Lincoln, Neb. (Junior-to-be at Lincoln Southwest High School)

About me: “I’m about to be a junior at Lincoln Southwest High School. I have a large collection of cardigans. I really like the books East of Eden, by John Steinbeck, and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou.”

Why Appleseed: “I’m really passionate about social justice issues, and I wanted to find out what it is like to work for a non-profit. Specifically, I’m interested in anything related to women’s issues and policies affecting families, but also economic justice. I hope to gain good experience working for Appleseed, and hopefully, find out about what I want to do later. For example, I wouldn’t want to go to law school if I find out working at a law firm isn’t for me.”

Future Plans: “Graduating from high school, and then going to college. Hopefully, somewhere out of state. But that’s a long way.  Who knows? I want to study political science. My first choice for schools would be Yale. I love New Haven (Connecticut, Yale’s location).  It’s beautiful.”

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