Your voice critical TODAY on historic immigration reform

Take-ActionThanks to those who already tried to call! The original phone number was not connecting with Nebraska senators.  Please use the corrected phone number below!

Last night, the bipartisan Senate immigration bill passed a first critical test and vote. There will be a final vote on the bill by the Senate as early as Thursday. Both Senator Johanns and Senator Fischer voted against the bill in this first vote. We know that anti-immigrant groups are intensifying calls hoping to derail the bill. Now, more than ever, our senators need to hear from us.

Call your Senators NOW at 1-888-891-3271 and tell them we need them to vote YES this week for the bipartisan Senate immigration bill. Your calls are critical today! (Please call the toll-free number twice to reach both senators.)

We have had to do a lot of soul-searching this last week in the wake of the Corker-Hoeven amendment compromise which doubles the number of border agents and wastes billions of taxpayer dollars on an already secure border. This is extremely bad public policy.

However, it is critical that we modernize our immigration laws, and this is very likely our only chance to pass common-sense laws with a process for citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans in the foreseeable future. We know we are all torn inside about this compromise, but we must move forward and urge our Senators to vote YES for this bill.

There are more people and perspectives than ever in Nebraska wanting a common-sense way forward for our immigration laws, but our senators are saying that they’re not hearing from us. Now, more than ever, we need everyone to call their Senators today and tell them to vote YES for this bill — call your Senators NOW at 1-888-891-3271.

Together, we can modernize our country’s antiquated immigration system and create a strong foundation for Nebraska’s families, businesses, communities, and future.

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