Match your gift to Appleseed TODAY!


Today is the day! Give a gift to Appleseed at this link any time before midnight and your gift will be matched to a $200,000 challenge match pool!

This is one of the best opportunities to join us and amplify our efforts fighting for justice and opportunity for all!

Give to Lincoln Day, organized by the Lincoln Community Foundation, is a 24-hour period to encourage donations to nonprofit organizations serving the Lincoln area.

Here is all you have to do:

  1. Visit Appleseed’s Give to Lincoln Day webpage before midnight.
  2. Make a donation.
  3. Share the link with a friend!

Whether you can give $10 or $100 your gift will be enhanced and amplify our fight for justice and opportunity for all!

Here is how it works:

Appleseed will receive your gift plus a proportional share of the $200,000 match pool. If Appleseed raises just 2% of all donations made today, Appleseed would receive an additional $4,000 from the Lincoln Community Foundation!

There are also other bonus opportunities:

The top five nonprofits with the most online donors will receive bonus gifts of $1,000 (View the Leaderboard). Additionally, ten random donors throughout the day will have a bonus $200 added to her or his gift. Finally, the three nonprofits that receive the most online donors between 6pm and 8pm will each be awarded a $1,000 bonus grant.

Last year, Appleseed raised more than $14,000 on Give to Lincoln Day and we hope you can help us increase that this year!

Make a donation. Match your gift. Amplify our efforts!

Your gift will help us on some of our most pressing issues:

  • Extend health care coverage to more than 54,000 uninsured Nebraskans through the new Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act (LB 577).
  • Advocate for policies to help youth with foster care experience successfully transition into adulthood with a strong, secure and healthy future. Currently, there is an opportunity at the Legislature (LB 216) to provide optional foster care services and support to age 21 for the nearly 300 youth who age out of the system each year.
  • Promote communities that welcome immigrant Nebraskans as neighbors and advocate for common sense federal immigration laws that respect families and include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
  • Continue our lawsuit (K.D. & S.L. v. Winterer) seeking to restore access to behavioral health coverage under Medicaid for children with autism and developmental disabilities who have been wrongfully denied by the State of Nebraska.

Join me in giving a donation to Appleseed today and amplify our efforts fighting for justice and opportunity for all!

Learn more about the Lincoln Community Foundation’s Give to Lincoln Day

Thank you for considering this great matching opportunity!

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