Historic child welfare bill passes

This Wednesday is the last official day of the 2022 session! Unless there are veto override votes, all of this session’s legislative business is complete. Wednesday’s agenda will mostly consist of closing remarks from senators, the Speaker, and the Governor. 

Last week was an extremely busy time at the legislature, with successful passage of two of Appleseed’s remaining legislative priorities. 

Historic child welfare bill passes, which includes ending privatization

Last Wednesday, the legislature passed LB1173, a comprehensive package of bills that does the following:

  • Ends privatization: officially ends Nebraska’s decade long, failed experiment with the privatization of its child welfare case management services, taking away the State’s authority to contract out for these services.
  • Strengthens protections for youth in care receiving Social Security benefits: requires notifications to youth and their attorneys when the state receives their benefits. 
  • Brings Treatment Family Care (TFC) to Nebraska: TFC services provide youth with mental and behavioral health needs too great to safely remain in their home (but who do not need inpatient or residential levels of care) a placement that provides services and treatment in a home-setting.

You can read our full statement on the passage of this bill here.

Improving Medicaid re-entry enrollment and practices

The legislature also passed LB921, which included provisions of LB952 (introduced by Senator John Cavanaugh) that requires Medicaid enrollment assistance to Nebraskans leaving correctional facilities. This will help Nebraskans reentering communities to connect to the health care they need to keep themselves and their communities healthy and safe. It is also an important step to ensure that all Nebraskans have access to quality, affordable health care. The first few weeks after reentry is pivotal, and prompt access to health care is essential.

You can also read our full statement on the passage of LB921 here

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