Voter Suppression Bill LB 381 undermines Nebraskans’ right to vote

Courtesy: Nebraskans for Civic ReformLB 381, a voter suppression bill that restricts voting access, will be heard by the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee today.

Voting is an American right – and making voting harder is neither Constitutional, nor a Nebraska value. This bill mandates a restrictive and unnecessary voter identification system, puts a greater burden on our already overburdened election workers, and undermines our democracy by creating barriers to voting for Nebraska seniors, students, and those with low incomes or disabilities.

For years, Nebraskans from farms, small towns and city neighborhoods have gathered at their local polling places and cast their ballots with no evidence of voter impersonation, the only type of voter fraud this bill would address.  Despite a lack of any evidence of a problem, LB 381 would levy a costly burden on voters and taxpayers, invite litigation, impose a new bureaucracy and costs on struggling Nebraska counties, and impede the rights of qualified voters.

LB 381 is a flawed bill that means an intrusive burden for a problem that does not exist.  Voting is an American right – and making voting harder is not a Nebraska value.

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